Modern Spartan Systems Review Part. I

Posted on July 07, 2015 by Frank Vigil


My first experience with Modern Spartan Systems products was the night before a big shooting event (Shockwave in the Desert 2015) in Peoria, Arizona where we were demoing some of our full auto firearms. Like the night before any shooting event, I was busy cleaning guns and packing range bags. A very good friend of mine asked if I had ever heard of Modern Spartan Systems before. He reached into his range bag and pulled out this little round container that looked like some sort of lip balm. I asked him what it was and he told me it was this gun grease that he started using called Accuracy grease.  

He asked for one of my pistols so I handed him my Glock 42. He field stripped it and proceeded to apply a small amount of this red grease to the frame rails, locking block and barrel. He reassembled the pistol, racked it a few times and handed it back to me. The second I began to rack it back I knew something was different. The pistol felt much smoother and easier to rack. The feel of the barrel unlocking became much more fluid. I couldn't believe how much different the pistol felt with a small application of the Accuracy grease.

Another friend of ours who was sharing a room with us was also extremely surprised how much smoother my 42 felt. He immediately stripped his S&W Shield and applied a small amount of grease to it. He reassembled the pistol and with no surprise, experienced the same results. Impressed with the initial results of the grease, we decided to perform an impromptu torture test.

I brought my Glock 19 with one of our full auto backplates to demo at the show. This pistol would fire more rounds than any of the firearms we brought, combined. I cleaned it and applied some accuracy grease to the rails, locking block, barrel, and trigger connector. I reassembled the pistol  and packed it away for the next day.

The next day the pistol fired almost 2000 rounds of various brands of ammo without a single hiccup. We were letting participants shoot it for free as long as they supplied the ammo. The event saw a pretty big turnout and we allowed a ton of people to fire it. At every single event we had attended previous to Shockwave we had at least 1-2 malfunctions.

The pistol saw constant use and at times got very hot on what was already a fairly hot day. Everything had a thin coating of dust that was being kicked up by constant traffic and gun fire. The pistol ran through bursts and mag dumps and even ran with some low power handloads. There wasn’t even a single stove pipe from someone limp wristing it and that happens pretty regularly (most people have never fired an automatic pistol before).

Needless to say the Accuracy grease  performed flawlessly. The pistol has continued to run to this day (about 4 months) in both semi and automatic with the original application and has fired an additional 1000 rounds. I was so impressed by my initial exposure to Modern Spartan Systems products that I got in contact with Marcus Khan to talk with him about the science behind the product. Marcus was kind enough to send me one of their complete Starter Kits Plus for some more testing and review, and that’s where part II of this review begins.

Stay tuned for part II of this multi-part review of all of the Modern Spartan Systems product line.

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