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  Heritage gun works Inc. was established in 2012 because we felt the need for a safer and more educated firearms community. Our goal is to provide everyone interested in firearms with an abundance of safety, training, and firearm science and physics knowledge. We believe well-informed shooters are safe shooters, so we created our Shooters Guide and digital Gun Works Magazine. We are also NRA certified trainers who specialize in home/ personal protection, and concealed carry.
  Heritage Gun Works Inc. is a Type 07 SOT manufacturer of Class III firearms and offers a full range of custom Gunsmithing services. We are also a proud sponsor of our Gun Works Team, which competes in local and national pistol, rifle, and shotgun matches. We welcome anyone who wishes to become more knowledgeable, safer, more proficient, or those wanting to get out and compete to join us and share your knowledge and experience with others.
  Our retail store is located at:
12860 W Cedar Dr. #200B
Lakewood, Co. 80228
By Appointment Only