• Iron Man Theme Build

    Custom Theme Builds

  • Ghost Rider Theme Build

    Custom Duracoat Finishes

  • Gun Works Edition Glocks

    Custom Built Pistols

  • Snake Skin

    Custom Duracoat Finishes

  • Apocalypse Rifle

    Class III Firearms

  • SDI 1911

    Custom Built Pistols

Welcome to Heritage Gun Works Inc.

We aim to provide you with the highest quality firearms and accessories, NRA certified training, and an unequaled learning experience.
Our carefully selected collection of firearms and accessories comes from decades of experience, delivering you the best there is to offer. Our effective training techniques award an abundance of confidence, before and after the first shot. Our upcoming magazine and Shooters Guide are designed to offer a unique media learning experience, unparalleled in the industry.
Heritage Gun Works Inc.
Dedicated to creating safe, responsible, and skilled owners and operators.