Heritage Gun Works is proud to offer a full range of gunsmithing services, from detailed cleaning to complete custom builds. We specialize in accurizing and reliability work on most semi automatic pistols and rifles as well as revolvers and semi automatic and pump action shotguns. We can also repair or refinish an old firearm or rebuild and modernize it. Contact us at for a consultation and quote.
 General Gunsmithing Price
Hourly Labor Rate 65

Hourly Machine Rate

Minimum Charge 45
Function and Safety Check (No Test Fire)                                 65
Function and Safety Check (Test Fire) 80+ Cost of Ammunition
Check Headspace 50
Complete Clean and Lubricate- Full Disassembly and Cleaning 75

Remove Stuck Case

Remove Live Round 130
Install and Boresight Scope 90
Install and Zero Scope (Test Fire) 90+ Cost of Ammunition
Zero Iron Sights (Test Fire) 80+ Cost of Ammunition


Improving the accuracy and precision of a firearm includes; trigger and action work, action bedding, installing match parts, or replacing and fitting new barrel.                                                                                    Hourly Rate+ Parts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Reliability Work
Improving the reliability of a firearm includes; Action smoothing and lapping, shaping or reshaping of feed ramps or feed lips, and deburring moving parts. Hourly Rate+ Parts
Ergonomic Contouring + Refinishing
Improving the ergonomics of a firearm includes; Reshaping or contouring the stock or grip, reducing the size of the grip (semi automatic polymer pistols), and extending or shortening length of pull. Hourly Rate+ Parts
Stippling creates a textured surface used to improve grip and control. Stippling can range from light texturing, to our very aggressive "Anaconda Grip". Stippling is applied to grips, forearms and handguards, stocks, or any other contact surface needing more grip. Stippling can be applied to wood, metal, and most polymers and rubbers. Hourly Rate


  We are also proud to offer custom Duracoat finishing services. We can refinish an old well worn firearm and bring it back to life or we can do something completely custom. We can also match your favorite camo or hunting pattern. We can refinish firearms, optics, accessories, magazines, knives, or anything else you wish. For barrels, heat shields, and handguards, we offer a special heat transfer coating, Transfer Grey C-187. We can also brush or polish your stainless steel parts.

  We are also offering hardcoating services. You can now get you high wear parts coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN) and Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN). With Vickers Hardness ratings from 2400 (TiN)-3000 (TiAlN), friction coefficients from .6 (TiAlN)-.4 (TiCN) and operating temperatures from 1100 F (TiN)- 1450 F (TiAlN), there is a hardcoating service to suit your needs. *WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING ANY HARDCOATING.


Duracoat Single Color                                                                            Price                             Each Additional Color
Handgun 230 30
Single Shot or Bolt Action Rifle 270 40
Semi Automatic rifle 325 40
Break Action Shotgun 250 30
Pump or Semi Automatic Shotgun 300 40
Internals Add+ 100 40
Barreled Action 150 (AK 47 $190) 40
Pistol Slide 75 30
Magazines (Rifle Shotgun) 45 15
Magazines (Pistol) 40 15
Knife 55 15
DuraVelvet Topcoat- Creates a rubbery, velvet texture to grips, stocks and handguards. DuraVelvet is a clear topcoat that can be applied over any color. 20 Each Part
SoftSand Texturizing Additive- Creates a textured surface on grips, stocks and handguards. SoftSand can be added to any color.  20 Each Part
Transfer Grey C-187
Transfer Grey C-187 is a thermal conductive coating. It will increase the parts thermal transfer 30%-40% more than an un-coated surface.
Barrel (Rifle Shotgun) 75
Barrel (Pistol) 55
Heat Shield or Handguard 65
Average Pistol Barrel 4"-6" 50-70 (AlTiN 60-80)
Small Parts (Locking Block, Firing Pin, Trigger Bars, Firing Pin Safeties, Disconnectors) ~ 10 Each (AlTiN ~12)
Bolt Carrier 90 (AlTiN 100)
Brush or Polish Stainless
Brush Barrel 65
Polish Barrel 90